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Buying a home is a big decision - one that I would love to help you with! The articles and resources on this page are complimentary and part of the many services I offer.



Choosing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions for your family. It’s important that you have an agent on your side to protect your interests. Our focal point is on getting you the finest possible home at the best possible price. We’ll help you negotiate the best prices and terms and answer all of your questions.


your agent, we will be there to lead you through the entire process, from finding homes for you to look at to being there with you at the closing when you receive the key to your next home. It’s a good idea to have a professional on your side. Instead of “going it alone” you can hire a “buyer’s agent” to help guide you through the process. A buyer’s agent can save you time and money by helping you focus on properties that fit your criteria. When the right home is found, the buyer’s agent will know how to package your offer so you get the house you want.


In most circumstances the buyer’s agent does not cost the buyer, as the seller’s agent shares in their compensation. So why not hire your own buyer’s agent and have someone on your side? The seller’s agent is working and negotiating on behalf of the seller so hiring a buyer’s agent makes a lot of sense. Also, when you find the house you want to put an offer on a buyer’s agent can pull actual sold listings in that area so you can make a well informed offer.




The first step to buying a home is getting pre-approved. By getting pre-approved you will know exactly what price range of a home to search for and when negotiating with a seller it will allow you to be in a better position to negotiate.


Make sure you check with several real estate lenders to compare all loan costs. Compare interest rates, points and all other related mortgage fees. You should request a written estimate from a lender so that you won’t have any surprises.


Once you are ready to apply for a real estate loan then you will need to provide documents to complete your loan application. Lenders will usually ask for bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs. Also, Lenders will want to know about your job, income, assets and liabilities. They will also pull your credit report so you should know in advance what your credit report shows.


After you get pre-approved for a particular amount then you will of course still need to decide how much to borrow. Remember, you will have to add homeowners insurance, property tax and private mortgage insurance (PMI) to the mortgage payment.


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