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Below are some simple tips that can really help your home show the best.

1 – Remove all clutter from every room and closet.

2 – Arrange your furniture to make the rooms feel larger and have better traffic flow. Remove any excess furniture.

3 – Remove all personal photos, portraits and posters hanging on the walls. Make sure you patch all nail and screw holes. We want potential buyers to imagine their family living in the home and seeing family pictures can distract from their vision.

4 – Keep your curtains, draperies and blinds open to let in the natural lighting. Turn on all inside lights before every showing. You want your home to show very light and bright. And open all inside doors. kitchen.

5 – kitchen Make your kitchen really shine. Keep your kitchen clear of any dirty dishes and make sure to remove clutter from the counter tops, cabinets and food pantry.

6 – Clean your refrigerator, inside and out. Remove all items hanging from the outside of the refrigerator and clean out the clutter inside too.

7 – Clean your stove top, oven and microwave.

8 – Make your bathrooms really shine and keep neatly hung color coordinated hand towels.

9 – Repair any sinks with leaks or slow drains.

10 – Paint any room that needs it or at least touch up the paint.

11 – Make sure the home doesn’t have any unpleasant odors. (use deodorizers to help with pet or smoke)

12 – Clean the front entrance to your home. (Act like a potential buyer and walk up to your house and look around to see what they see as a first impression)14- Add color to your home’s entrance with potted flowers.

13 – Clean and organize your garage.

14 – Keep all of the real estate agent business cards from previous showings in a neat pile so that potential buyers can get a feel of the competition for your home.


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