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Pricing your home

Your home is only worth what a buyer in the current market is willing to pay, in other words, fair market value.

Pricing your home correctly from the very beginning is very important to maximize your selling opportunity. So what is the right price? Many factors determine your home’s asking price. Do i price my home higer or lower than market price ?

If you price your home too low you can lose thousands of dollars. By looking at a current Broker Opinion of Value you will see the current market rates and can avoid listing too low. You will have many buyers looking but the lost proceeds does not make sense. Price your home right the first time so you save both time and money.

If pricing your home too high. First, you probably won’t get as many potential buyers looking at your home. Second, other houses priced correctly that are similar in size, age, finishes, condition and location to your house will usually sell first.  Lastly, as your home sits on the market day after day it can scare away qualified potential buyers because they think something is wrong with your home.

To find your home’s perfect selling price, contact us for  Broker Opinion of Value This service is free of charge, with no obligation.

We research actual sales data from the and see what similar homes are currently selling for based on their sold price at closing.

We use  this information along with adjusting for size, age, finishes, amenities, condition and lot size to assist in our listing price recommendation.